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Retail Meat Flash Cards

Retail Meat Flash Cards

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Retail Meat Flash Cards by Intelliprep.
Each flash card features bullet points with identification facts for that retail cut and a diagram indicating its primal cut origin. This product includes 135 flash cards per package. All cards have rounded corners and are composed of heavy card stock with double-sided UV protection. One of the corners is pre-punched to allow for securing of the Flash Cards. (For easier Flash Card management, it is suggested that each species be ringed independently).

On the front side of the Flash Card there is a high quality picture of a retail meat cut. On the back side is a picture of the corresponding species highlighting the primal cut with accompanying text of meat identifiers for the specific cut. For easy cross-reference, each cut is numbered and corresponds to the cut numbering of the Field Guide and Desk Reference. Flash Cards are available for individual purchase or as an addition to combo packs.

Size: 4.25" x 6.25"

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